Sunglasses- A Fashion Accessory or a Necessity

idooptical on January 14, 2023

The sunglasses are personality boosters, with ability to improve the vision while giving protection to eyes from the bright sun. The suitable prescription glasses are in high demand, and available in huge variety to chose from. These glasses vary on the basis of shapes, sizes, designs, frames, styles and material used. Different people have different preferences and this asks for regular updating inventory and addition to old stock with regular changes in fashion.

If an individual has a vision problem, which needs prescribed glasses, then there are various choices for sunglasses. When there is a need for glasses for both far sightedness and near sightedness i.e. bifocal. These bifocal sunglasses for men are having a partition in glasses. If one wants that this partition not to be visible to anyone, then there is a solution-Progressive prescribed sunglasses. These are developed by use of latest technology to allow reading fine print clearly, distant signs and objects.

There are polarized prescription sunglasses, like magnetic clip on sunglasses for prescription glasses which reduce the glares that impact the vision. These help the user to see the brightest of the sight. The exposure to sun and its dangerous rays (UVA/UVB) cause cataracts, skin cancer and harmful diseases. Wearing of the polarized sunglasses protects the eyes from the sun rays, which are harmful to the eye sight. These sunglasses reduce the blinding glare, and reduce the squint, lessen strain to eyes and headaches. There is improved quality of vision. There are also Photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to any specific light. Generally, this is Ultraviolet rays. As one is away from that light, the lenses come back to natural. The photochromic sunglasses can be made from glass, polycarbonate or any plastic. There are photochromic molecules which have reversible darkening property. As the indoor lights have no UV rays, the lenses darken only in sunlight. The degree of darkness is totally dependent on the glass thickness The prescribed sunglasses cannot have variable thickness, so the darkness level is based on the lenses’ number. However, these lenses do not adjust in seconds. It takes 2-3 minutes for the glasses to change from light to dark and vice versa, depending on the exposure to light. The user does not have to carry two different glasses for inside and outside. Similar is the use of bifocal sunglasses. There is no need to carry separate glasses for both the visions-near and far.