Picking Eyeglass Frames That Fit Your Character and Lifestyle

idooptical on May 20, 2023

The eyeglass frames you wear illustrate multiple statements about the wearer’s personality. Just like the clothing we wear, eyeglasses are an individual declaration we make about who we are and the things we enjoy. The glasses you select might say you are business oriented, are creative, or are physically inclined. Because there are so many aspects to most peoples’ lives, we might choose more than one pair of eyeglasses for assorted activities or places you go. There are numerous fashions of eyeglasses to select from.

How Will You Use Your Eyeglasses?

Optometrists suggest that the first move in choosing the perfect eyeglasses for you is to ask yourself the question, “How Will You Use Your Glasses?” Think about the assorted events you go to, what activities you enjoy participating in, and what your profession is. Mull over your eyeglasses like you think about a pair of shoes. Your shoes express a good deal about your temperament, they are comfy, and each pair of shoes is used for different activities.

There are many various points about eyeglasses to take into consideration for each personality and lifestyle. While selecting eyeglass frames, you should think about:

  • Frame and lens shape
  • The color of the frames
  • The material of the frames
  • Frame and lens size

Other things about your daily life to consider are, how physically active are you? If you participate in sports or work a physically demanding job, you might consider having glasses for work/sports and also a pair for other activities.

Glasses for Distinct Needs

Elliptical and rectangular shapes are excellent for people who need their frames for a professional or business look. It’s best to steer clear of oddly shaped eyeglass frames and lenses and keep to typical styles. The tint of the eyeglass frames will complete the professional fashion. Think about choosing glasses in silver or gold.

Thicker styles with contemporary styles and odd tints make the statement of creativity. Artists, writers, and loads of college kids are often inspired to select eyeglass frames that don’t adhere to the stereotypical design.

Cat-eye, upswept rectangles, and elliptical shaped eyeglasses are great for active moms and dads and seniors who don’t really go for modern styles, but want to look chic. Burgundy, dark reds and browns, and shiny tints contribute to the chic look.

When deciding on glasses, you might need to determine whether the lens thickness required for your prescription will work with the design you are considering.