Ido Glasses Announce Addition of New Progressive Prescription Sunglasses to their Inventory

idooptical on January 14, 2023

Progressive Prescription Sunglasses are now available with the online store of Ido Glasses. These progressive sunglasses come with improved designs and better lenses that enhance the vision of a wearer by protecting his/her eyes from the environmental elements such as the sun and dust.

October 30, 2013 – Ido Glasses now announce to offer cheap prescription glasses that come with progressive lenses. These progressive prescription sunglasses are specifically designed for people who love different outdoor activities such as playing golf, mountain cycling, and fishing etc. Each of these sunglasses is provided with the suitable progressive lenses that can ensure the proper focal distance needed for playing a sport or taking part in an activity.

These progressive prescription glasses make sure that a person can efficiently focus on a certain object positioned at a specific distance so that the person can play a sport with a greater degree of efficiency. For example, if someone is playing golf, he can suitably see the hole at a specific distance from him and can play his swing accordingly. In the same manner, one can use a bicycling progressive where the lens successfully focuses at a distance where bike computers are positioned. On the other hand, the fishing progressive allows a better vision of the hook so that one can place the bait on it more comfortably.

The online store offers the progressive prescription sunglasses online that are known for their best design and which has the functional features that one might be looking for in order to play a sport or plan an adventurous activity. These sunglasses are very popular among the sports loving people and now they can buy these glasses online from Ido Glasses. The online store offers huge discounts and offers excellent customer services to make sure that customers would have an excellent pleasant experience while purchasing cheap prescription glasses from them.

They sell standard and branded prescription progressive eyeglasses online that are meant to offer the efficiency and the functionality one is looking for. The latest digital lens technology is utilized in making these progressive sunglasses and one can be assured of the highest level of performance and durability of its lens. People who are interested to know more about these progressive sunglasses and want to buy one may visit the website

About Ido Glasses

The online store of Ido Glasses was set up by Catherine Cao in 2005. Since then the company has been supplying cheap prescription glasses online to its global customer base. They have a large collection of glasses, retro sunglasses and frames that they keep updating on a regular basis. Their website helps consumers to select the best pair of prescription glasses with Magnetic clip on Sunglasses in a speedy manner from their vast collection.