Factors to Consider Before Buying Designer Prescription Glasses

idooptical on May 10, 2023

Every designer brand has a signature style of its own. Its every creation manages to exude a sense of individualism and differentiates it from the rest. Designer prescription glasses are no different and they come with a dual advantage.

Firstly, these glasses succeed to accentuate your looks and instantly put you in the category of the brand conscious. Secondly, as the lenses are made according to your prescription, they aid in your vision as well. So, designer prescription glasses seamlessly merge style and solutions.

An important factor while purchasing designer prescription glasses is your budget. Though the online stores have successfully destroyed the myth that these glasses are expensive, the prices still vary according to the brand. If you plan a budget it will be easier to select the brands to choose from and that will save your time.

There are three basic types of designer prescription glasses – fully rimmed, semi rimmed and rimless. The fully rimmed glasses are available in some of the most unorthodox colours and unique arm designs. The rim guarantees durability of the highest quality. The semi rimmed designer prescription glasses are lighter than the fully rimmed. The frames are considered by many as the ‘best of both worlds’.In case of rimless frames, the absence of the rim reduces the weight of the pair. Rimless glasses are often said to offer the most comfortable eyewear experience.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that not all frames suit your face type. Generally, there are six different face kinds and there are different frame styles which complement them. In case your face is “round” then designer prescription glasses with angular or narrow lenses will make your face appear slender. “Oval” shaped faces are the most common one and walnut shaped frames are perfect for them.

“Oblong” shaped faces require glasses with more depth than width. Frames with a heavy touch of colour on the top half are ideal for “triangular” faces. Strong jaw line and a broad forehead are the features of a square face and should wear designer glasses with more width than depth. And finally, “diamond” face shape, considered to be the rarest kind, should opt for design glasses with detailed distinctive brow line.

It goes without saying that before purchasing designer prescription glasses, you need to get an updated prescription. This will ensure that your lenses take care of your vision and the money you spent on the pair is not wasted.