Like it is said that the fashion cycle repeats itself, one thing is evident. The round vintage eyeglasses are making a comeback. The designs and styles of the past, thick eyeglass frames and the nerdy type look is back in vogue again. These retro or vintage eyeglasses have a classic look of the past decades […]

As people require in a different way on what that they wear, they tend to buy eye glasses of different styles- a number of them are made in basic looks, while some in fashionable designs. Nevertheless, there is a development that spectacles with vintage and old-fashioned looks gain popularity on and on, as a result […]

If yours is a prescription eyeglass, you should not be worried. Even with prescription eyeglasses you can still go retro. But, before I will tell you how to get a retro prescription eyeglass you should know and make sure what style, shape, color and size that is suitable for your face. Most vintage eyeglass has […]

Retro means belonging to old era. It is generally considered as 1940s to 1980s. So there can be various retro sunglasses like hippie, disco, 40’s to 80’s glasses with retro dresses. The word retro means past times. There is a wide variety of retro sunglasses, and retro glasses, which can also be based on prescription […]

Retro glasses with those neat flip up casual lenses act like part sunglasses and glasses as well. Many variations of such a trendy style are being created every now and then. The clip-on age of lenses also work the very same way and can easily ensure that one changes the lens in a smooth way. […]

If you are an admirer of Hollywood celebrities and their styles, then vintage glasses will help you fulfill your desire and make you feel close to the style statement of your favorite celebrities. With these fashion glasses on, you can have an unparalleled style and glamor quotient of your own. There is something distinct about […]

If you are looking to buy a pair of neat and fancy glasses online you might want to consider a pair of retro glasses. They certainly do make for a really great investment and are a great style that will serve for years on end. With retro glasses one won’t have to worry about the […]

Ido Glasses deliver again with their new collection of retro-style prescription glasses. A selection of retro style eyewear is now available on the website for the smart people who want to flaunt their retro style. Ido Glasses announced that their web store now has a large collection of retro style prescription glasses for the global […]