5tips tell you how to choose a quality one glasses

idooptical on April 22, 2023

Like most things in life, quality normally comes at a price, although it is very possible to pay a fortune for something that doesn’t conform to the quality it claims to be. So, with careful consideration, bargains can be sought in any product market. Eyewear also falls into this principle, and caution should be made to ensure a successful purchase of a quality product is achieved. There are many places to buy cheap prescription glasses online, all with varying quality, so it is important to be aware of what exactly it is you are buying before you go ahead with your purchase.

This article will highlight six areas you can use as a check list to order prescription glasses online.

Tip 1 – If you are in Europe, look for the CE mark on the frame. If there is no mark with CE on, you can be fairly sure the quality isn’t up to standard.

Tip 2 – Check the pads that sit on the nose are flexible. Poorer quality glasses will normally use just plastic pads, which are far more uncomfortable than the flexible silicon ones of decent quality.

Tip 3 – Ensure the frames are made from titanium or a nickel free material. It is common for skin to have reactions to nickel based materials.

Tip 4 – Spring hinges. These are generally more expensive to install and so will give you an excellent pointer to the quality of frame.

Tip 5 – Thinking about plastic frames? Well make sure that they are made from acetate – far better quality.ou’

Here’s an extra tip for free. If you want to buy your prescription glasses online, read other people’s testimonials as these are an excellent indication of what you can expect.

These are just a few quick simple checks you can make to ensure that the glasses you buy are good quality. Even if you buy your glasses online, you can still email the supplier and make sure these areas are covered. More than likely it should say on their website. Remember, cheap prescription glasses, aren’t necessarily “cheap” in the quality sense, follow the tips above and you’ll end up with quality cheap prescription glasses!