The Now of 2018: Clip-on Sunglasses

Users of prescription glasses know that the struggle of managing sunglasses and prescription glasses is real. It can be tough to juggle two or more pairs of eyeglasses in your bags or your pockets, and truthfully, it can weigh you down – both, the struggle and the weight of your bag. With technology advancing and new trends emerging, the new trend just so happens to be a favorite amongst prescription glasses wearers, which is the use of clip-on sunglasses.

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What are clip-on sunglasses?

These are a frame of glasses placed on top of your regular glasses and the reason why people need clip-on sunglasses is to shield their eyes from the sun. They are special in the fact that they have no legs and are just a frame. They are known to be cost-efficient due to their wide assortment of colors and styles, which means that the buyer does not have to look for other prescription eyeglasses anymore.

Its types        

There exist three major types of clip-on sunglasses, which are; standard clip-on sunglasses, flip clip-on sunglasses and magnetic clip-on sunglasses.

Standard clip-ons

Standard clip-on sunglasses, while being the most inexpensive ones, are the most difficult to attach and detach from your frame of glasses. They are rubber coated and are made to sit on the bridge of your frame. The fact that they are rubber coated is what makes them damage free to the pair of glasses you are attaching them on. However, the problem that could arise with these is the visibility of the clip and the fact that they are prone to damage.

Flip clip-ons

The second type are flip clip-on sunglasses, and essentially these are smaller than standard clip-on sunglasses and do not need to be removed upon changes in light conditions. These can easily be flipped up and eliminate the hassle of attaching and detaching the clip-ons. Since these stay on the glasses and do not require to be removed, they have lower chances of being lost. In comparison to standard clip-ons, the clips on these are not as big and are less noticeable. The only problem that exists is that due to the incessant flipping of these clip-ons, their hinges could easily be damaged and need replacement.

Magnetic clip-ons

The third type, magnetic clip-on sunglasses, are barely noticeable due to the fact that they use small clear magnets to attach themselves on to the frame of your glasses. One of the few drawbacks to these, however, is that they are metal frame specific and cannot be used on plastic frames. What makes some steer clear of these is the fact that they are expensive in comparison to others, and should also be frame specific, which can be tough to find.

The ones that are polarized

Another type of clip-ons that have recently been introduced are selling like hot cakes are polarized clip-on sunglasses. Scientifically explained, polarization blocks the light reflected from water, cars or any other source that is capable of reflecting it. And so, these prove to be powerful in combating the strong beams of the sun. The difference between these and the normal clip-ons is that these give the added bonus of leaving any kind of glare behind, while also blocking off intense sunrays.

These can be found in any of the three forms above, but most commonly are found in the flip form.

Your priority will ultimately lead to your choice

Your choice in the right clip-on solely depends on what matters to you. If you are simply looking to protect your eyes from the sun and not caring about how you look, then the standard clip-ons are the one for you. And if you find yourself getting irritated too soon and do not want to deal with the hassle of attaching and detaching the clip-ons, then the flip clip-ons are the one for you. However, if you are extremely conscious of how you will look wearing said glasses, then the magnetic ones are the one for you. While the magnetic ones do come at the price of being hard to find, if you are committed enough to your appearance, it should not be a problem at all.

Step out of the fear

Back in the day when these were first introduced, people would steer clear from them for the simple fact that they were considered to be funny looking. However, that is not the case anymore. These are now the trend and have been spotted on the runway too. While you shouldn’t have been afraid of purchasing them before, now you have more of a reason to not cower away from them. So, what are you waiting for? Put yourself at ease and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun while looking fashionable at the same time!