Clip-on sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses refer to sunglasses with a specific corrective prescription built into the lenses. In case you have a refractive error,prescription sunglasses are the right ones for you as they can protect your eyes while allowing you to see clearly.The most probable is that, if you need to wear prescription glasses indoors, it is also needed outdoors.

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Prescription glasses wearers can choose clip-on sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. Wearing clip-on sunglasses helps to save money because there’s no need ofpurchasinga brand-new pair of glasses.

With a clip or magnetic clips,clip-on sunglasses are located and held over the glasses. There are plenty of colors and styles available which makes them very popular.Some of these clip-on sunglasses can be done to directions of the wearer.


Types of clip-on sunglasses

Currently. there are three types of clip-on sunglasses available. The option to select depends entirely on the person’ budget, circumstances, among others. Here are presented those types of Clip-On Sunglasses.


Standard Clip-On Sunglasses

These sunglasses clip on prescription sunglassesto the middle of the bridge. The clips do not damage the frame as they are rubber coated. Standard clip-on sunglasses are the least expensive type of clip-on sunglassesbut are the most difficult to remove and attach. Among all the clip-on sunglasses types available,the clips on this one are the most noticeable of all.


Flip Clip-On Sunglasses

It has as its main advantage that flip clip-on sunglasses do not need to be constantly removed to later be put back on. They are placed over the prescription glasses and can be flipped up or down according to the user wishes. The clips on flip clip-on sunglasses are a lot less noticeablethan standard clip-on sunglasses because they are much smaller.

These are attachedto the frames of prescription sunglasses, that’s why they are less likely to get lost. And because they do not need to be constantly removedthey are also less likely to cause damage prescription glasses.

Magnetic Clip-On Sunglasses

They use a magnet which is attached to the prescription glasses. There are no clips so they are barely noticeable. Theyhave a limitation that they can only be used on frames which are magnetic. They are attached directly to the lens frame, the magnetic clip-on must be exactly the correct size for them to block the sun. Because of its features, magnetic sunglasses have been traditionally the most expensive type.

Advantages of clip-on frames

  • They are cheaper than prescription sunglasses.
  • You can select different colored lenses.
  • They protect your prescription glasses from becoming abraded.
  • You can put them on and off easily.
  • All of them comes with an anti-glare coating.

Now that you have the information about the clip-on sunglasses available, it isup to you select the best that fits your needs.