Clip-On Sunglasses-What You Need to Know

Clip on sunglasses has back in the trend again. This is a good way to increase the style of your sunglass and wear prescription sunglasses to keep protected eyes. Clip on sunglasses is usually put on top of glasses and place them using a clip or magnetic clip. You can change the style whenever you want. There are different types of clips to use with sunglasses. Different styles and colors are available. They are not high priced, and you can change it with a small cost. If you can’t afford multiple prescription sunglasses, you can use clip on sunglasses. Here I am sharing some common types of clip-on sunglasses that are suitable for styles. You can choose the best clip on sunglasses from different kinds.

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Standard Clip-On Sunglasses

This is the traditional style of clip on sunglasses, and they are easily noticeable from outside. Most of them are rubber coated and sustain for a long time. But they are difficult to attach and remove from glasses, so you should use different styles.

Flip Clip-On Sunglasses

The most attractive feature of a flip clip-on sunglasses is, there is no need to remove them whenever you are not using them. That means there is the hassle of set up every time. You can keep this type of clip-on sunglasses over the prescription glasses, and it is easy to flip up or down according to the lighting conditions. They are smaller than the standard clip-on sunglasses, and they are not noticeable from outside. But you can use them to give a better look to your sunglass. You can keep clip-on sunglasses regularly without removing. There is also some clip on polarized sunglasses that you can use with your polarized sunglass. As, it is not necessary to remove every time from your sunglass, so there is less chance of damaging the prescription sunglasses. But you need to know one thing that they are not highly durable.

Magnetic Clip-on sunglasses

Magnetic clip on sunglasses is easy to connect with the prescription glasses with less hassle. There are no clips actually in this type. You need to connect through the magnet, and they are not so much noticeable from outside. So, you can keep your style with them. You can only use this type with frames that are magnetic. So, there is no way to use them in the plastic frames. You need to use only metal frames to use a magnetic clip on sunglasses. As, you need to fit them directly to the frame, so it is highly necessary to order the correct size.