Best Clip On Sunglasses – Function and Style in One

Technically speaking, clip on sunglasses are not sunglasses at all. These are an arrangement of a special pair of lenses meant to fit on top of the other pair of glasses or sunglasses. By attaching the best clip on sunglasses on any of your pairs of glasses, you will be able to change even the oldest pairs into something completely new, stunning and more special than before.

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How Clip On Sunglasses Work

Clip on sunglasses are composed of two separate lenses which are attached by the spring mechanism. Every individual lens has been designed with a tube and a rod pointed towards the nose in such a way that the rod of one lens enters the other lens’ tube. The two lenses are being held together by the spring mechanism. The arrangement helps in decreasing or increasing the linear distance between the lenses. You can fit them over the nose to attach it to your existing sunglasses pair.

Types of Clip On Sunglasses

The latest style of the best clip on sunglasses has a mechanism that allows you to attach them to your hat. You will then have full use of the lens with no need to suffer any discomfiture from side rims. The magnetic clip on sunglasses offer an advantage as you can attach them directly to the rim of your existing glasses. These are very convenient to put on and rarely slip off.

Clip on sunglasses are also available as flip-clip, allowing you to flip your clip on sunglasses down or up as required. These types are very handy especially for the sportsmen out there or those who are in a place where light intensity tends to fluctuate.

These clip ons are more than mere fashion statements or accessories as these actually serve legitimate purposes. Clip on lenses are available in various forms including UV resistant, clip on polarized sunglasses or prescription glasses with magnetic clip on sunglasses. With the clip ons, you will be able to transform the most ordinary pairs of glasses into polarized sunglasses with great ease.

Pointers to Remember When Shopping for Clip On Sunglasses

If you are planning to buy clip ons soon, take note that you have to choose a pair that is lightweight enough since you will attach them to another pair of glasses which can further add weight to your face and nose. These are usually constructed from CR-39, polycarbonate or glass. Glass clip ons can have the benefit of being scratch although these tend to be a bit heavy. Meanwhile, polycarbonate can be a great option for lightweight clip ons. However, CR-39 offers the clearest and the best visual quality. Shapes and tints of clip ons can be matched to your old pair of glasses since there is a plethora to choose from.

When you go outdoors, you can instantly convert your prescription glasses to something functional and fashionable at the same time by just attaching a pair of clip ons. These are perfect for eye protection and glare prevention while retaining high quality vision from your prescription glasses.

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